Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dancing With the Stars (10/10-10/11)

Another week and some more dancing. This week Mario Lopez again showed why he was picked as the frontrunner at the start of this season. Monique Coleman also has been dancing well and Jerry Springer brought the house down with a comical routine that had the crowd screaming his name.

On the weaker side, Sara Evans did little more than plod around like a horse on stage prompting me to think that maybe I can dance. Joey Lawrence seemed to struggle with the necessary sexuality of the dance even though he has a childs so he must now how to have sex, but whatever. In yet another surprise, it was Willa Ford who showed improvement week to week that was sent home forcing us all to watch Sara Evans some more.

On another note, who could be on next season? I'd love to see Nick Lachey, Jeri Ryan, Jennifer Tilly, and Casper Van Dien try to out foxtrot each other.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dancing With the Stars (10/3-10/4)

Another week goes by and another dance by celebrities is viewed and judged by experts and television audiences across America. This week found Mario Lopez, Joey Lawrence and Willa Ford getting rave reviews from the judges and viewers alike placing them atop the leader board for the week and safe for next week.

Jerry Springer also used sentiment to perform his best yet in the competition a classic waltz which he wanted to learn so he can dance with his daughter at her wedding. It drew major emotion from judges and the live audience and he too advanced to next week.

The shocker was the bottom two. Monique Coleman and Vivica A. Fox who both performed well and had been leaders in weeks past but somehow found themselves in jeopardy. Despite a poor dance by Sara Evans who has done little to distinguish herself in the competition, it was Fox who had her run end.

Thought to be a front-runner by many, it was quite a shock. Among a list of questionable celebrities, Fox was a name competitor who attacked each week and it will push everyone else to know they are not safe even if they are a name or even if they are good. Some competitions come down to sympathy and pity and Fox's confidence may have earned her little in those categories. If that was the case, Lopez better continue to shine and obey the rules or he may join Fox watching the dancing from his home.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dancing With The Stars (9/26)

Another week and another Dancing with the Stars. This week featured Tango and Jive dancing. Emitt Smith found himself a little flat and a little reprimanded for a life, Mario Lopez found himself severely reprimanded for a lift and other rule violations, and Joey Lawrence was also reprimanded for a lift. The judged seemed unamused by the celebrity contestants willingness to break the rules of the various dances and apparenlty have run out of tolerance for it.

Vivia A. Fox and Monique Coleman got the highest marks from the judges with impressive dancing and should both advance without trouble. Despite reprimands, it would seem Lopez and Lawrence will also be given safe passage. The troubled celebrity comes down to Smith and weak but improving Sara Evans and Jerry Springer.

Smith's appeal may carry him through and although she wasn't awful, I feel a sympathetic vote for Springer who wants to make it through just one more week so he can dance the Waltz and prepare for his daughter's wedding, will spell an end to Evans' run.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dancing With the Stars (9-19/20-06)

Week two of Dancing with the Stars saw fabulous improvement by Joey Lawrence who stole the show with his impressive quick step although his facial expressions were a little mannequinesq. Vivica A. Fox again used her "groove thang" to sell her performance more than actually performing it well and Emmit Smith impressed me even more.

Mario Lopez, who performed so well last week and who does a rear nude scene in this week's episode of Nip/Tuck, decided to do a flamboyant "show" routine with much attitude and little quick step and he scored poorly. But I think his appeal got him through.

Jerry Springer received a stay of execution for some reason, corny & funny, odd & humorous, bizarre & hysterical, who knows what combination allowed him to get a safe pass but he did. Alas it was beauty queen Shanna Moakler who was sent home inspite of giving an adequate performance. Times like these having the voting public saying "Who?" won't help you, Jerry Springer has name value.

Million Dollar Listing is Priceless, Reba too.

Tuning in to Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought I'd get a look at million dollar homes throughout California and what they had to offer to justify their price tag. I didn't expect the drama.

It's delicious. Crazy home owners who want too much for their funky badly located dwellings, cheap and sneaky buyers trying to get the best bargain, and real-estate agents with attitude and sales to validate it, the show comes together for an hour of sinfully delightful entertainment.

If you are in to real-estate, redecorating, house-flipping, or just curious what makes a home worth $1 Million, tune in and have a peak. It will feel like you're looking through a keyhole, good and bad at the same time.

Kudos to Reba in syndication. Reba Mcintyre, who did take time to develop her comedic timing, has grown into a seasoned performer in her self-titled sitcom about raising a family in Texas with her ex-husband and his dim wit of a wife living down the street. A classic sitcom, it will provide you with belly-shaking laughs, mild chuckles, thought-provoking discussions, and the occasional tear. Now on Lifetime four times a day, plus check your local listings for additional showings, you can indulge in Reba. I do, six times a day.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Family Jewels shows a Jewel of a Family

Gene Simmons, frontman of KISS if you didn't know, launched a reality show looking at his family and his everyday life. It sounded to me like it was another boring "follow somebody around" show. It is not.

Longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed, and his two children Nick and Sofie, show a side of Gene we do not see anywhere else. A family man who adores his children, worships his wife and is a confessed "mama's boy." The episdoes detail Simmons attempts at expanding his corporate empire into Gene Simmons' Sexercise DVDs and the Gene Simmons Bikini Car Wash, while balancing Gene Simmons the patriarch.

Charming, delightful, pleasant, the show gives off a feel that you were personally invited over to the Simmons' residence for the weekend. Great show, great family.

See the a repeat of the Sexcersize episode this Monday, September 18th at 11:30 pm on A&E and check this link to catch the other episodes you might have missed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dancing With The Stars (9-12-06)

Not a fan of Dancing with The Stars, I got pulled into this one by my roommates enthusiasm and the list of stars this year actually had people that I had heard of so I tuned in. I can't say that I'm obsessed with it, but I shall follow the show to see the development of each star. I did enjoy myself.

The Web has many articles saying that those betting agencies that are allowing bets on this show are giving Mario Lopez the slight edge to win this season. He very well may. A solid start to the competition allowed him to show off what he managed to learn while also keeping the ladies and some men amused with all the requisite hip shaking.

Darkhorse Vivica A. Fox, didn't display much actual technique but in her own way "worked" the foxtrot into something so much more sexier than the creater of the dance ever meant it to be, she might saunter her way right past Mario to the title.

Who needs to go home? I'm sorry Tucker, Jerry Springer was bad, but you were morbidly worse. Bye bye.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh, How I'll Miss. . .

The new television season is starting and the networks are rolling out their new programs and new episodes. But what shows have said goodbye this past season that I will miss?

Half & Half (UPN)--Never hysterical, this mild comedy entertained. It was a good companion show for Girlfriends about two half-sisters who now live in the same apartment building. It provided many sibling rivalries and lessons in life. But the stars of the show where the actresses playing the lead sisters mothers. Valarie Pettiford and Thelma Hopkins stole every scene they were in playing the rich status-seeker and the saucy therapist on a budget with brilliance. Their continual spouts when passing one another gave the show its best lines. A victim of the CW formation, it will be missed.

Living With Fran (WB)--Charming. It is the best way to describe Fran Drescher's last sitcom. A charming cast, that looked good, had good comedic timing, and worked well together. Writing that provided the stars with great material, tight direction, and some of the best lighting I've seen on a sitcom. It made you smile and feel warm inside. A perfect companion to Reba, it too, was another victim of the CW formation.

Commander-in-Chief (ABC)--A hit, then a miss. With such potential, such new direction, such fine acting, ABC should have stuck it out and given this incredible drama a second season run. But instead it renewed the more mediocre and lesser viewed What About Brian. A television movie spinoff has been mentioned and a possible return if that would do well, but ABC missed the boat on this one.

Out of Practice (CBS)--In a season where comedies were left in the dust by the serial drama, Out of Practice managed to snag an audience before it was moved from its timeslot in favor of that horrid Jeanna Elfman Show. Gosh I hate her. She is not funny and her timing is bad, and that face she makes. . .I just want to hit her. Anyway, this show was just starting to identify itself and at the very least deserved a small order of episodes for midseason replacement if nothing else.

I know Conviction wasn't that good but I just loved having Stephanie March and Eric Balfour back on television. I was hoping they would move over and join the Law & Order show but no luck. Freddie also wasn't the greatest show but, it drew solid ratings again in a season when no one watched comedies. It deserved a little more support as well.